Oologah, Carl Blackwell, Hudson and Grand Lake
Crappie, White Bass/Hybrids, Blue Catfish
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Posted on Thursday Oct 22, 2015 at 1:39 PM  
Guys, I'm way behind on posting, but thought I'd give a little update over the last two weeks.

Crappie have been fair to good 12-16ft of brush for me using both jigs and minnows.  Blues have been caught mainly drifting on deeper flats 25-30ft deep using fresh cut shad. 

Carl Blackwell
I hadn't been there since college and that's been a few years.  We met friends there last Friday and Saturday during the cold front.  Pretty much struck out on Hybrids and White Bass.  I think we had 7 on Friday and 6 on Saturday.  Didn't spend too much time messing with them since the lake was turning over and the fish were scattered.  All caught on artificials.  I didn't feel like messing with bait.  We did do pretty well on brushpiles catching decent 11-12inch crappie.  All caught on orange and chartreuse jigs 8-16ft of water.

I did a teaching trip there two weekends ago.  We mainly learned patterns and sonar.  We graphed almost half of the lake.  I can say it has plenty of structure and bait fish.  I had never been on the lake.  We marked a good school of blue catfish on a shallow windblown bank, a school of white bass on a rockpile point, and caught some crappie on wood.  It was a great windy day on a new to me lake with a great customer.  They even had a hot breakfast ready for me when I got there ;)
Grand Lake
We've been catching blue catfish on deep flats the past few weeks and it continues to be the most productive pattern.  .5-.7mph has been the speed and using fresh cut shad.  I usually don't use the tails because of previous poor experiences, but one of my customers wanted to try so we did.  Well...tails outproduced everything on Sundays trip by a large margin.  Just when we think we've got nature figured out...it proves to us we have no idea.  Living and learning!!!

Posted on Thursday Oct 22, 2015 at 2:11 PM  
Lance, I guess you were able to avoid the sneaky spots on Hudson. It can bite a newcomer. Great report. If you ever come back and need some leads, not that likely do, let me know. I have most of the mid lake contours memorized. Not much of it I haven't drifted while watching the screen