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by highwater sooner over 22 months ago
Keeping your co-worker in our prayers.
by falcon over 22 months ago

Two families that need prayer
by highwater sooner over 24 months ago
1) There is a family named Wade from our church that just lost the mother a little while back. Dad is now raising I think 4 kids b ...
by highwater sooner over 24 months ago

George Lening
by TMJ over 32 months ago
Praying for his family and friends
by highwater sooner over 32 months ago

My Brother
by R.W. over 41 months ago
I'm sorry for your loss my friend.  Memorial Day will now have an extra special meaning for you.
by falcon over 33 months ago

My nephew Zach
by highwater sooner over 36 months ago
His last tests came back normal. I have not been able to get from his parents what the next step is and the final diagnosis. He is ...
by highwater sooner over 35 months ago

My Pastor
In Hospice Care
by R.W. over 40 months ago
"Brother Joe" is now singing with the angels, as of 4:20 this afternoon.   Pray for his family to be comforted in the knowledge ...
by R.W. over 40 months ago

by highwater sooner over 43 months ago
Thank everybody for their prayers!!!!!!!!! The surgery went well and I am back to about 80% now, it took longer than I thought but ...
by highwater sooner over 42 months ago

Three requests
by highwater sooner over 45 months ago
Answered prayers!  We serve a God that can perform miracles when we least expect it.   Be careful in this heat.  Call me if you n ...
by falcon over 44 months ago

Rough Patch
In need of prayer
by Fishin over 46 months ago
Thank you all.  I can feel the influence of your prayers.  When victory comes, you will share in the blessings and rejoice with me ...
by Fishin over 45 months ago

My Favorite Uncle
by Tony_Hughes over 46 months ago
Praying for "the peace that passes all understanding" for you and all your family.
by highwater sooner over 45 months ago

by highwater sooner over 46 months ago
Praying for you and your family.
by Cash460 over 46 months ago

Double request
by highwater sooner over 50 months ago
Keeping Bob in our prayers!  His faith will be his strength.
by falcon over 48 months ago

by highwater sooner over 49 months ago
Awesome news!!!
by BassSER over 49 months ago

by Ol Slick over 50 months ago
Good news, the dog will be put down.
by Ol Slick over 50 months ago

One of own at Sand Springs urgent care 11-30-13
by highwater sooner over 51 months ago
Hey guys, Was in the Sand Springs urgent care Saturday 11-30-13 with a neighbor's kid(pinched his finger really bad in our log sp ...
by highwater sooner over 51 months ago

friends baby
by fatfred918 over 52 months ago
Any updates?  Hope things are going well and everyone is home or going home soon!
by fishdude over 52 months ago

Prayers for mom
by quickset over 61 months ago
Well here is the latest and GREATEST.... Mom finished up treatments in July and had her CT scan last week,  yesterday the doctor s ...
by quickset over 52 months ago

bhoeltzel update
by branden over 52 months ago
It's a tough deal when your father dies. He'll always be in your thoughts. I once read something that said you can never really be ...
by Ol Slick over 52 months ago

Pray for Papa Art
by fishdude over 53 months ago
I spoke with Art today as he was arriving home.  He sounded pretty good after a night at the hospital.  He does checks at home for ...
by fishdude over 53 months ago

Need Your Prayers
by bdcoley3 over 53 months ago
Praying for all of you.
by highwater sooner over 53 months ago

Uncle passing
by highwater sooner over 56 months ago
Thanks for the prayers guys. Jerry went peacefully Saturday around 3 pm.
by highwater sooner over 55 months ago

Prodigal Son
Addiction and Denial
by R.W. over 55 months ago
Praying for wisdom and healing from this addiction.
by highwater sooner over 55 months ago

Pregnant daughter
by sunset over 56 months ago
Praying for mama and baby!
by highwater sooner over 56 months ago

Prayers for my Granddaughter
by bigjon over 56 months ago
Praying for her safe return!
by highwater sooner over 56 months ago

Prayer for Trish
by Tony_Hughes over 63 months ago
by BassSER over 56 months ago

Prayers needed!
by Pops over 57 months ago
May god give you strength and watch over
by quickset over 56 months ago

For some friends from church
by BassSER over 57 months ago
Praying for a full and speedy recovery.
by highwater sooner over 57 months ago

Prayers for Melissa Khale
by Micneador over 60 months ago
Praying for Melissa and her baby.
by CalOkie over 59 months ago

niece's boyfriend in ICU
by flyhuntfish over 61 months ago
Good luck to him and his family. Guilla
by Nguboi25 over 60 months ago

Prayers for me and family
by Above Board over 62 months ago
Above Board hoping to hear about a mirac
by highwater sooner over 61 months ago

My daughter
by BassSER over 62 months ago
Her appetite has improved some and her d
by BassSER over 62 months ago

Flu Bug!
by Fishin over 63 months ago
Fishin: Sorry about the state of affa
by CalOkie over 63 months ago

Connecticut Elementary School
by bigfin over 63 months ago
Prayers are going out to all the familie
by highwater sooner over 63 months ago

Dad not expected to live
by papa art over 64 months ago
Amen. Thank you, brother.
by CalOkie over 64 months ago

Papa Art's dad
by fishdude over 65 months ago
Thanks StriperEd, can always use the pra
by papa art over 65 months ago

Tim's fly shop
by Micneador over 65 months ago
Great news.
by falcon over 65 months ago

My niece Tarah
by fatfred918 over 66 months ago
will be praying for your niece, Fred.
by papa art over 66 months ago

Say a prayer for Andy Reynolds.
by Vlaude over 67 months ago
Prayers on the way
by BassSER over 67 months ago

Sad update
by bhoeltzel over 70 months ago
Sorry for the delayed response, I need t
by Vlaude over 67 months ago

Tonya's Dad
by Brent over 70 months ago
Prayers sent
by crosswinds over 70 months ago

my niece
by wesb over 70 months ago
Prayers to you and your family for stren
by Brent over 70 months ago

After 26 yrs
by quickset over 70 months ago
Thank you all for your thoughts.
by quickset over 70 months ago

Atrial Fibrillation
by Goober over 71 months ago
gotcha in my prayer here goober.
by quickset over 70 months ago

Uncle Jerry
by highwater sooner over 71 months ago
You've got them Bruce.
by Danny.Williams over 71 months ago

Wisdom and Strength for Kyle
by BassSER over 71 months ago
I join my faith with these prayers.
by highwater sooner over 71 months ago

Pray for my younger bro. Danny Speed
by papa art over 73 months ago
Art, glad to hear he is back home and do
by Vlaude over 72 months ago

by highwater sooner over 72 months ago
Thank you for the update Highwater. I ra
by CalOkie over 72 months ago

Good friend and family man
by crosswinds over 73 months ago
Fantastic! Thank you for the news.
by CalOkie over 72 months ago

the wife
by fatfred918 over 85 months ago
Fred, so sorry for the loss of your wife
by okiefishman over 72 months ago

Emergency heart surgery
by falcon over 73 months ago
Praise God so glad to hear it!!!
by highwater sooner over 73 months ago

Prayers for Nana
by BassSER over 73 months ago
Prayers lifted.
by falcon over 73 months ago

by highwater sooner over 73 months ago
Prayers on the way...
by BassSER over 73 months ago

Trading My Sorrows...
by BassSER over 74 months ago
Just saw this. Great song. Thanks for
by falcon over 73 months ago

Potential life changer
by dhopper7 over 74 months ago
In these times, that is a heck of a deal
by Danny.Williams over 73 months ago

For Today
by CalOkie over 75 months ago
by falcon over 75 months ago

Family Prayers Appreciated
by Hawker over 75 months ago
This is the first time I've looked in he
by BassSER over 75 months ago

Outdoor partner
by dhopper7 over 76 months ago
Any update?
by falcon over 75 months ago

Cousin (Tanner Brown)
by BassSER over 77 months ago
praise our mighty God!!!!!!!!!
by highwater sooner over 76 months ago

my mom
by highwater sooner over 78 months ago
Great news!!!
by BassSER over 77 months ago

my neighbor
by highwater sooner over 78 months ago
Prayers said...
by BassSER over 78 months ago

My daughter
by Mean Morone over 83 months ago
Congratulations to your daughter, she's
by Ol Slick over 78 months ago

my cousin
by highwater sooner over 79 months ago
That is awesome! Thanks for the update.
by BassSER over 78 months ago

My Dad
by Goober over 79 months ago
Thanks guys. Your prayers mean a lot.
by Goober over 79 months ago

Ex Co-worker...
by BassSER over 79 months ago
praying for that family and friends.
by highwater sooner over 79 months ago

Mrs B
by falcon over 80 months ago
Prayers of comfort and the peace that is
by BassSER over 79 months ago

For students and teachers
by BassSER over 80 months ago
join my prayers with you
by highwater sooner over 79 months ago

My friend Bruce in Norman
by falcon over 80 months ago
Answered prayers! Bruce went to the s
by falcon over 80 months ago

My fishing buddy Lady Falcon
by falcon over 82 months ago
No worries Bruce. Nathan was unavailable
by falcon over 81 months ago

From Houston
by bhoeltzel over 85 months ago
we are praying for you until you make it
by highwater sooner over 81 months ago

by highwater sooner over 83 months ago
Answered prayers! Glad he is doing bett
by falcon over 82 months ago

My grandfather
by BassSER over 83 months ago
Sorry for your loss....
by Senkoboy over 83 months ago

Another one...
by BassSER over 83 months ago
Prayers for your family.
by falcon over 83 months ago

by bigfin over 83 months ago
praying for him and the family
by highwater sooner over 83 months ago

Pray for us
by n/a over 83 months ago
Prayers of peace for the family on the w
by BassSER over 83 months ago

Life long family friend
by bigfin over 83 months ago
Keeping him in our prayers.
by falcon over 83 months ago

Requesting Prayers
by Above Board over 84 months ago
Caught some for you and saved some for y
by fishdude over 83 months ago

by highwater sooner over 84 months ago
He's definitely in our prayers...
by BassSER over 84 months ago

One more time
by WormN over 85 months ago
My prayers are with you and your family.
by Dave Clark over 85 months ago

OSBA member and elk hunter
by BJames over 85 months ago
Our prayers will be with Jim and his fam
by falcon over 85 months ago

friend's sister
by highwater sooner over 85 months ago
sorry i forgot her name. will find out
by highwater sooner over 85 months ago

by falcon over 86 months ago
praying for a full and speedy recovery
by highwater sooner over 86 months ago

Update on my marine
by quickset over 90 months ago
Our prayers are also with you and yours.
by jmalmin over 87 months ago

My wife and my Dad
by Goober over 88 months ago
You are in mine.
by quickset over 87 months ago

Son Blaine
by Tony_Hughes over 88 months ago
Tony, just saw this... You got it though
by Vlaude over 88 months ago

Update on my cousins son in the Marines
by quickset over 88 months ago
continued prayers for this young man and
by highwater sooner over 88 months ago

My Grandmother
by NELLI over 89 months ago
Chris, This is a truly amazing story
by JWBROWN over 89 months ago

Baby Wyatt
by falcon over 89 months ago
My prayers go out to the baby and family
by BassSER over 89 months ago

Family Funeral
by Tony_Hughes over 90 months ago
praying for protection, strength and the
by highwater sooner over 89 months ago

Surgery # 2
by WormN over 90 months ago
Prayin for ya Jeff, but you'll be fine b
by StriperJunkie over 90 months ago

by Senkoboy over 90 months ago
Prayers lifted.
by falcon over 90 months ago

Heart Health
by n/a over 91 months ago
RW, I'm glad you're feeling better. Ans
by falcon over 91 months ago

by falcon over 91 months ago
Heard from the family yesterday. James
by falcon over 91 months ago

My Sons Scoutmaster
by fishnfool over 92 months ago
My son and I went to the funeral last Fr
by fishnfool over 91 months ago

by Senkoboy over 98 months ago
we are praying for her and the family.
by highwater sooner over 92 months ago

Pray for my wife and her family
by ttman1971 over 92 months ago
praying for strength and peace for the f
by highwater sooner over 92 months ago

Pray for brother-in-law
by BassSER over 92 months ago
Thanks for the prayers everyone. All
by BassSER over 92 months ago

My family
by Twistedokie over 92 months ago
So sorry for your loss-----Take comfort
by Tooperfect over 92 months ago

Pray for my wife
by n/a over 93 months ago
My son went through similar confusion in
by Twistedokie over 92 months ago

Well I guess it's my turn.
by WormN over 95 months ago
Jeff, This may cost a little money but p
by StriperJunkie over 93 months ago

friend's mother
by highwater sooner over 94 months ago
glad to report she made it through the s
by highwater sooner over 94 months ago
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