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The Oklahoma Striped Bass Association holds their monthly meeting the
third Tuesday of each month at the ZEBCO cafeteria, 6101 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK

Normal start time is 7 pm. 
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March topic- Catching sand bass
by FishinGirl over 23 months ago
Is there a meeting tonight at zebco? If so what is the program about? Thank you for your assistance.
by None over 23 months ago

Feb topic is water rescue
by FishinGirl over 24 months ago
Please join us Tues Feb 20th to hear Mick Finn with Tulsa Fire Department Water Rescue.  7pm at Zebco.
by FishinGirl over 24 months ago

Jan 16th topic- What's new for 2018
by FishinGirl over 26 months ago
Join us Tues, Jan, 16, to hear Paul tell us about our 2018 plan.  There will also be a few exciting surprises!  See you at 7pm at ...
by FishinGirl over 26 months ago

Oct meeting- bait tank aeration
by FishinGirl over 29 months ago
Join us tomorrow night to hear David Stanley teach us how to convert a bait tank to use air power to filter and aerate the tank, w ...
by FishinGirl over 29 months ago

Sept meeting- Scott Hood- Lower Illinois River
by FishinGirl over 30 months ago
Okla Sriped Bass Association Meeting  Next tues Sept 19 7:00, Zebco Subject: Environmental and political conditions of water res ...
by FishinGirl over 30 months ago

August speaker- Chris from ODWC fish hatchery
by FishinGirl over 31 months ago
Please join us tomorrow night, to hear Chris from ODWC fish hatchery speak.
by FishinGirl over 31 months ago

July topic- Kurt from ODWC on striped bass and hybrids
July topic - Kurt from ODWC on striped bass and hybrids
by FishinGirl over 32 months ago
Join us tomorrow night at 7pm.  The speaker will be Kurt Kuklinski Supervisor with the ODWC fisheries division in Norman.  Kurt wi ...
by FishinGirl over 32 months ago

June topic- Bill Winthrop- Biologist
by FishinGirl over 33 months ago
Please join us June 20th at 7pm to hear Bill Winthrop, Oklahoma Wildlife Department's biologist speak.  He is a wealth of knowledg ...
by FishinGirl over 33 months ago

May meeting-boat show and tell
by FishinGirl over 34 months ago
Please join us tomorrow night, May 16,  as our club will do our boat "show and tell."    Several members will bring their boats an ...
by FishinGirl over 34 months ago

April topic- Tony Hughes
by FishinGirl over 35 months ago
Tony Hughes will be speaking tonight, Tues 18th, at the Oklahoma Striped Bass Association meeting, 7 PM, at the Zebco building (ju ...
by FishinGirl over 35 months ago

March topic: planer boards
by FishinGirl over 36 months ago
Jon us tonight, March 21, to hear Mike Kelley talk about planer boards.  See you tonight!
by FishinGirl over 36 months ago

Feb topic- How to avoid scams
by FishinGirl over 37 months ago
Tonight's meeting is by a Tulsa deputy sheriff speaking on how to avoid identity theft and scams.  7pm at Zebco.
by FishinGirl over 37 months ago

Jan 17th speaker-Dick Faurot
by FishinGirl over 38 months ago
Please join us at Zebco at 7pm on January 17th to hear Dick Faurot speak.
by FishinGirl over 38 months ago

No December meeting
No December meeting
by FishinGirl over 39 months ago
The OSBA does not meet in December.  Have a Merry Christmas and we will see you in January.
by FishinGirl over 39 months ago

Aug 16- Downrigging
Aug 16- Downrigging
by FishinGirl over 43 months ago
Join us Tues, Aug 16, at Zebco at 7pm to hear Kenny Thompson speak on downrigging.
by FishinGirl over 43 months ago

Oklahoma Striped Bass Association July 2016 Meeting
Oklahoma Striped Bass Association July 2016 Meeting - July 19th
by Mikekelly over 44 months ago
Come and join us for the Oklahoma Striped Bass Association (OSBA) meeting Tuesday, July 19th at 7:00 p.m. located in the Zebco caf ...
by Mikekelly over 44 months ago

OSBA June 21 meeting
by FishinGirl over 45 months ago
Join us Tuesday, June 21, for a show and tell of member's boats.  They will tell us what they like and dislike about their boats. ...
by FishinGirl over 45 months ago

OSBA May 17th Meeting
by FishinGirl over 46 months ago
Join us tonight, May 17th, at 7pm at Zebco to hear the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife present to us.  We will learn how our donat ...
by FishinGirl over 46 months ago

Oklahoma Striped Bass Association
Monthly Meeting, Tuesday April 19th 7pm Zebco
by Mikekelly over 47 months ago
Come on out to the Oklahoma Striped Bass Association monthly meeting Tuesday, April 19th at Zebco 7pm and hear about Fishing Skiat ...
by Mikekelly over 47 months ago

Oklahoma Striped Bass Association February Meeting
Monthly Meeting Tuesday, February 16th, 7:00 p.m. at Zebco
by Mikekelly over 49 months ago
Come on out to the Oklahoma Striped Bass Association (OSBA) meeting on Tuesday, February 16th starting at 7:00 p.m. The meetings a ...
by Mikekelly over 49 months ago

Water Survival is Jan 19th topic
by FishinGirl over 50 months ago
Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.
by falcon over 50 months ago

October topic- Bill from ODW
by FishinGirl over 53 months ago
Join us Tuesday night Oct 20th at 7pm to hear Bill from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife. He will update us on local lakes and ...
by FishinGirl over 53 months ago

Sept 15-How to catch striped bass
by FishinGirl over 54 months ago
Join us Sept 15th at 7pm to learn how to catch striped bass by Mike  Kelly.  The meeting is at 7pm at Zebco.
by FishinGirl over 54 months ago

August topic- fishing on Skiatook lake
by FishinGirl over 55 months ago
Join us tonight to hear Dave Clark tell us how to best fish on Skiatook lake.
by FishinGirl over 55 months ago

July 21st meeting-downrigging
by FishinGirl over 56 months ago
Join us tonight at 7pm to hear Kenny speak on downrigging.  The meeting is at Zebco.
by FishinGirl over 56 months ago

June OSBA- boat show
by FishinGirl over 57 months ago
Join us tonight at 7pm at Zebco to see the member's boats.  You will see a variety of boats and equipment and learn what each one ...
by FishinGirl over 57 months ago

May meeting- Bill from ODW
by FishinGirl over 58 months ago
I just talked with Bill.  He's still compiling his "wish list".  Should be an interesting meeting.
by falcon over 58 months ago

April 21 OSBA meeting
by FishinGirl over 59 months ago
Sounds like you could start a sub-charter group in the OKC area.  Maybe a Notebookers club meeting?
by falcon over 59 months ago

Green Country's midsouth Tackle & Hunting Show
by J.D.Sikes over 98 months ago
The Mid South tackle & Boat show was great. I can't believe it's been 32 months since i've ask for new pictures, so if any club me ...
by J.D.Sikes over 60 months ago

OSBA March Meeting
by FishinGirl over 60 months ago
Join us on Tuesday,  March 17th, at 7pm at Zebco to hear  Sand bass 101. The Quachita tournament  is March 21-22.  The Mid-South t ...
by FishinGirl over 60 months ago

OSBA February Meeting
OK lake patrol
by FishinGirl over 61 months ago
Please join us as Ryan Griffith, an OK lake patrolman, speaks this month.   We will meet on the 17th at 7pm at Zebco.  Please watc ...
by FishinGirl over 61 months ago

January Oklahoma Striped Bass Association Meeting
by FishinGirl over 62 months ago
Join us Tuesday, the 20th, to hear Kurt from ODW speak  on striped bass in Oklahoma lakes.  7pm at Zebco.
by FishinGirl over 62 months ago

OSBA November Meeting
by FishinGirl over 64 months ago
Please join us Tuesday night for our final meeting of the year.  We will have a pot luck dinner, vote on an officer and have our b ...
by FishinGirl over 64 months ago

Nomination of officers
by falcon over 65 months ago
Come join us at 7:00 at Zebco for nominations of officers for 2015. Club President and at least one board member are up for re-ele ...
by falcon over 65 months ago

Open forum on keeping shad
by FishinGirl over 66 months ago
Please join us September 16th at 7pm for an open forum on keeping shad.  Ed will lead the discussion.
by FishinGirl over 66 months ago

OSBA Shirts
by falcon over 67 months ago
The OSBA has club shirts for sale.  Contact me via private message if you're interested.  $15 dollars each!
by falcon over 67 months ago

Keeping shad and pond management
by FishinGirl over 67 months ago
Join us August 19th at 7pm to learn about keeping shad and pond management.
by FishinGirl over 67 months ago

OSBA July meeting- down rigging
by FishinGirl over 68 months ago
Kenny always does a great job giving everyone a lot of information.  It's an art form for sure but he's been very successful.
by falcon over 68 months ago

OSBA on the radio
by falcon over 69 months ago
I had the pleasure to talk about the OSBA on the radio this morning on JstFish Outdoors with Dale York.  The OSBA segment is about ...
by falcon over 69 months ago

OSBA June meeting- boat show
by FishinGirl over 69 months ago
Join us tonight, June 17th, as a few of our members bring their boats to show us what they like and dislike about their boats.  Se ...
by FishinGirl over 69 months ago

ODWC Wish List
by falcon over 70 months ago
Each year, the OSBA donates a sum of money to the Fisheries Division of the ODWC.  Our donation is earmarked for the making and ma ...
by falcon over 70 months ago

OSBA May Meeting- Oklahoma Dept of Wildlife
by FishinGirl over 70 months ago
Hello all.... Please join us Tuesday evening, May 20th, at 7pm at Zebco.  Our speaker will be Bill from the Oklahoma Department of ...
by FishinGirl over 70 months ago

Skiatook Fish Fun Day May 3rd
by FishinGirl over 71 months ago
Fish Fun Day is this Saturday, May 3rd at Skiatook.  We are also planning a fish fry if we have enough participation.  Please RSVP ...
by FishinGirl over 71 months ago

OSBA topic for April is CPR
7pm at Zebco on Tuesday, April 15th.
by FishinGirl over 71 months ago
Please join us Tuesday night at 7pm to learn the latest CPR technique. You never know when you will need this skill to save the li ...
by FishinGirl over 71 months ago

OSBA Fish Fest at Mazie Landing April 12th at noon.
by FishinGirl over 71 months ago
Please join us at Mazie Landing at noon on Saturday, April 12, for a fish fest. We will fish that morning and afternoon and have a ...
by FishinGirl over 71 months ago

OSBA Fish Fest at Mazie Landing on April 12th at noon
by FishinGirl over 72 months ago
All, Please join us for a fun day of fishing and a fish fry at Mazie Landing on April 12th at noon.  Feel to fish all day and mee ...
by FishinGirl over 72 months ago

OSBA March Meeting- Sandbass
by FishinGirl over 72 months ago
If you would like to order the jigs (see picture) that JC and Gary recommended for sand bass, please contact Mike Bolt in Okmulgee ...
by FishinGirl over 72 months ago

Ouachita Tourn March 15-16
Ouachita Tourn March 15-16
by FishinGirl over 73 months ago
Thank you for the reminder.  Best of luck and safety to all who plan to attend.
by falcon over 73 months ago

OSBA Feb Meeting- Spoonbill 101
OSBA Feb Meeting- Spoonbill 101, Feb 18th, 7pm
by FishinGirl over 73 months ago
It's a bit off topic from Striper fishing but more and more members are chasing paddlefish during the Spring sand bass run.  The p ...
by falcon over 73 months ago

MidSouth Tackle Show
OSBA will have a booth at MidSouth Tackle Show Feb 14-16
by FishinGirl over 73 months ago
The OSBA will have a table set up at the MidSouth Tackle, Hunting and Boat Show at the Spirit Event Center in Bixby, OK on Feb 14- ...
by FishinGirl over 73 months ago

January 21, 2014 Meeting
OSBA speaker will be Jason with ODWC
by FishinGirl over 74 months ago
The Oklahoma Striped Bass Association, OSBA, will meet on Jan 21, 2014, at 7pm at Zebco, located at 6101 E Apache, Tulsa, OK.  The ...
by FishinGirl over 74 months ago

OSBA 2014 Calendar
Here is a the OSBA Calendar (topics/tournaments are subject to change)
by FishinGirl over 74 months ago
Attached is the 2014 OSBA Calendar.   The calendar is still being fine-tuned and will have a few adjustments but this is the worki ...
by FishinGirl over 74 months ago

Meeting 9-17-13--Swap Meet
by falcon over 79 months ago
Hello Anglers, I am sending you an early reminder so that you can gather up your goodies for our First Annual OSBA Swap Meet!!  ...
by falcon over 79 months ago

Trim Tabs
by rottie over 93 months ago
I put some on my robalo before I sold it
by dgeddings over 82 months ago

Meeting Feb 19, 2013
by grizlyadams over 85 months ago
It was nice to meet you tonight. The me
by falcon over 85 months ago

Bait Transport Proposed Rule
by davidstanley over 86 months ago
From everyone at the club: We would lik
by davidstanley over 86 months ago

ODWC Assist on Kaw Lake Saturday May 5th postponed
by davidstanley over 95 months ago
I just got off the phone with Bill Wentr
by davidstanley over 94 months ago

Striper Shocking Video with the ODWC
by falcon over 96 months ago
Just let me know when you have the time.
by KukODWC over 95 months ago

Members list
by ryan darrow over 96 months ago
Send an email to the club secretary and
by dgeddings over 96 months ago

Ouachita Trip
by fishonn7 over 97 months ago
All It's that time of years again to
by falcon over 97 months ago

Meeting on 1/17?
by fishonn7 over 99 months ago
See everyone tonight at 7pm!
by falcon over 99 months ago

Final meeting of the year
by J.C. over 101 months ago
Our year end meeting (we don't meet in D
by falcon over 101 months ago

by luckys lures over 104 months ago
slabs for sale please take a look at the
by luckys lures over 102 months ago

by palomino9584 over 114 months ago
I make baits.I am on facebook under luck
by luckys lures over 104 months ago

June Meeting
by dgeddings over 106 months ago
Can someone summarize the meeting for us
by ko4nrbs over 106 months ago

This Tuesday
by dgeddings over 110 months ago
It's made it's way onto the topic list S
by dgeddings over 110 months ago

Ouchita Tourn.
by letsG.O.fishin over 112 months ago
Beautiful fish!
by Danny.Williams over 112 months ago

by Dave Clark over 112 months ago
I guess this was just last year...wow ho
by StriperJunkie over 112 months ago

nov meeting
by letsG.O.fishin over 113 months ago
Meeting is tomorrow, be there or have a
by dgeddings over 113 months ago

October Meeting
by Brent over 114 months ago
The meeting for October is on the 19th.
by okiefishman over 114 months ago

Sept. Meeting
by okiefishman over 115 months ago
quote: Originally posted by okiefishman Goober, did you get your unit installed? I'd be glad to help you "tune it up" if you'd l ...
by Goober over 115 months ago

August Meeting
by okiefishman over 116 months ago
I am out of state and will not return un
by okiefishman over 116 months ago

July Meeting?
by butchc over 117 months ago
Don't forget club meeting tonight.
by J.C. over 117 months ago

June OSBA Fun Fish day
by dgeddings over 118 months ago
I was at the took today, nothing to brag
by dgeddings over 118 months ago

Annual Donation
by falcon over 118 months ago
I look forward to NEVER having to use it
by KukODWC over 118 months ago

June Meeting
by okiefishman over 118 months ago
yeah I heard Danny is going to be there
by dgeddings over 118 months ago

Skiatook Lake fun day and lunch
by J.C. over 119 months ago
Mike Kelly did with a 4.2, One other per
by dgeddings over 119 months ago

Fun Fish Day
by dgeddings over 121 months ago
Water will probably be muddy below Pryor
by J.C. over 120 months ago

striped bass 101 at march meeting
by letsG.O.fishin over 121 months ago
Dang! I spaced and forgot about the meet
by Madwall88 over 121 months ago

March Ouachita tourney
by dgeddings over 122 months ago
eh, disregard guys I may need someone to
by dgeddings over 122 months ago

meeting tonight 1-19-2010
by letsG.O.fishin over 123 months ago
was a great meeting, if I cant make the
by dgeddings over 123 months ago

October Meeting
by okiefishman over 127 months ago
7 pm in the Zebco Cafeteria.
by okiefishman over 126 months ago

by Dave Clark over 128 months ago
you ooops!!!!!
by letsG.O.fishin over 126 months ago

by dgeddings over 131 months ago
took my site down to do a server change
by dgeddings over 130 months ago

June Meeting
by dgeddings over 130 months ago
This month's meeting will be the boat sh
by okiefishman over 130 months ago

by okiefishman over 131 months ago
will get it posted up after I get home f
by dgeddings over 131 months ago

OSBA Meeting Tomorrow at 7:00pm
by falcon over 131 months ago
Tomorrow nights speaker will be from "Pr
by okiefishman over 131 months ago

meeting tomorrow
by dgeddings over 131 months ago
Tomorrow nights speaker will be from "Pr
by okiefishman over 131 months ago

Spring Skiatook Tourney?
by dan over 132 months ago
This will go out to the membership tomor
by okiefishman over 131 months ago

Big Brothers Event
by okiefishman over 132 months ago
Per Mike Kelly..... Due to high water
by falcon over 132 months ago

April Meeting
by okiefishman over 133 months ago
7 PM Tonight at the Zebco cafeteria. 6
by okiefishman over 132 months ago

stupid question
by upDUHcreek over 132 months ago
Roger, it's been a while since I've been
by Danny.Williams over 132 months ago

Was at the last meeting
by dgeddings over 133 months ago
Yep, cash or a check will cover your mem
by okiefishman over 133 months ago

Meeting tonight 3.17.09
by falcon over 133 months ago
Yes 7:00 pm at Zebco, you can enter on
by Mikekelly over 133 months ago

question on keeping fish
by Danny.Williams over 134 months ago
I don't need any fish from the Red. I a
by KukODWC over 134 months ago

OSBA Meeting Tonight at 7:00 Zebco
by Mikekelly over 134 months ago
I just learned that John has a family em
by okiefishman over 134 months ago

2012 Calendar of Events
by falcon over 99 months ago
by falcon over 1463 months ago

Raffle Winner
by falcon over 93 months ago
Steve Carroll donated a hybrid trip to h
by falcon over 1463 months ago

Handin out the cash
by dgeddings over 111 months ago
Checks were presented tonight to the 1st
by dgeddings over 1463 months ago

Meeting 8/18/09
by okiefishman over 128 months ago
Meeting reminder The OSBA meeting
by okiefishman over 1463 months ago
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