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Chauteau Bend
any bass?
by Nice1 over 32 months ago

by Nice1 over 32 months ago

Recent Outings
by Bob over 33 months ago
Camped at Okmulgee Lake.  Not many fish caught after big storm blew through.  Skiatook is doing well with hybrids now.
by falcon over 33 months ago

SB at the Bend
by Bob over 35 months ago
Well, is it still there after the rain? Should I go this week?
by Bob over 34 months ago

Lake Ponca
by Senkoboy over 36 months ago
Water temp 57 to 60, caught a few with a couple of keepers and a kicker! Weather turned out pretty good, thought we would be fishi ...
by Senkoboy over 36 months ago

by Senkoboy over 36 months ago
Thx. We fished KS today, rain and cold. Robin caught a crappie and a really big CF pulled. Too muddy where the stipers want to be. ...
by StriperEd over 36 months ago

For you non Facebookers. Port Oconner
I will add more pics later
by StriperEd over 36 months ago
Thanks for sharing Ed.
by FishStick over 36 months ago

Mountain Lake/Arbuckle 10/8-10/10
Decent Fishing at Mountain Lake
by Chris Johnson over 41 months ago
Thanks for the report Chris! It seems different from FaceBook! Really do appreciate it along with a bunch of old timers that do no ...
by StriperEd over 41 months ago

Lake Hefner 7-21-2016
by OKWillie over 44 months ago
are you talking about something like a rooster tail? I've tried those before and caught sandbass, perch, and Largemouth while usin ...
by sparky405 over 43 months ago

lake Murray
by Eric over 44 months ago
Thank you for your report, keep them coming
by OKWillie over 44 months ago

Independence Day
by OKWillie over 44 months ago
Happy 4th to everyone
by OKWillie over 44 months ago

Eufaula Bass Fishing
by flyrod 17 over 44 months ago
Anyone bass fish Eufaula Lake?  I have never bass fished there, only crappie fished and haven't done that for 30 years since I mov ...
by flyrod 17 over 44 months ago

Keystone June 27
Sure way to put a smile on a kid's face
by OKWillie over 44 months ago
A great day indeed for the young man.
by falcon over 44 months ago

Fish kill at Lake Hefner
less fish to catch
by OKWillie over 45 months ago
I am thinking its the cool spring we had, then it gotten so hot so early and soooooooooooo long.
by OKWillie over 45 months ago

Mountain Lake - 06-20-2016
peaceful morning at a beautiful lake
by OKWillie over 45 months ago
OTW at 6:30, watch the sun come up over the tree, fish the flooded grass with top water lures, no taker, find fish on drop off by ...
by OKWillie over 45 months ago

Pumpback 4/24/16
Very windy day
by Chris Johnson over 46 months ago
Chris - Your fishing on the East side of Baden Island and the two coves your referring to are Swallow Tail cove. Both are really g ...
by Beagler over 45 months ago

Still catchin em...
by Beagler over 45 months ago
We decided to make one last attempt at catchin a few spoonies earlier this week and it didn't take long before we we're hooked up. ...
by Beagler over 45 months ago

Lake Hefner May 2016
Fishing Report
by Bassman over 46 months ago
A friend of mine has being seeing sand bass schooling around stars & stripes park when the water surface is pretty flat.
by kingdom over 45 months ago

Keystone Lake 5-22-2016
White Bass Bonaza
by Tyler.Williams over 46 months ago
No, but mainly because we didn't try.  We were just out looking around and cover a large portion of the lake from Applalacia Bay t ...
by Tyler.Williams over 46 months ago

Carl Blackwell 5-15-2016
Early AM was Great
by Tyler.Williams over 46 months ago
Boomer lake in Stillwater.  They usually pretty easy to find and a lot of sizes available.  Sunday we caught everything from 2- to ...
by Tyler.Williams over 46 months ago

Draper lake
by sparky405 over 46 months ago
Thank you for your report, I caught a lot of sandy out of that inlet on crappie jigs back in the days......, until I brought my fi ...
by OKWillie over 46 months ago

Sooner - 05/09/2016
Too windy
by OKWillie over 46 months ago
Still stank yesterday, bad.   Hooked a huge drum on a lipless crankbait, pulled like a freight train, straightened out the split r ...
by Senkoboy over 46 months ago

Striper fishing help
Looking for hot areas
by Eric over 46 months ago
On Wednesday May 11, 2016 at 11:22 AM Eric said ...  but I would like to do more striper fishing geared towards trophy sized fish ...
by Fish Whisperer over 46 months ago

Mountain Lake Ardmore 5/11/16
Disappointing day
by Eric over 46 months ago
Thank you for the report, if you fish around Ardmore, the other city lakes are really good, I am going to fish mountain lake soon, ...
by OKWillie over 46 months ago

Choteau Bend
A little snagging, a little sandbass fishing
by Sparky over 46 months ago
I was suppose to be snagging today but they canceled in the middle of the night. But the last report I got from there is that they ...
by Dave Clark over 46 months ago

Ft. Cobb lake
5/1/2016 trip
by Eric over 46 months ago
Thank you for posting, keep the reports coming.
by OKWillie over 46 months ago

by ryan darrow over 48 months ago
I knew I could count on you.  Thanks Tony. Think I'll get my "eatin'" fish elsewhere.
by  over 47 months ago

Choteau bend
by central ok catfish over 47 months ago
Snagging pretty good about a half mile below low water dam.  May have been good there too, but too shallow for my rig.  They still ...
by CrankB8 over 47 months ago

Konawa Lake
by Big Bass Boss over 47 months ago
Congratulations on the retirement RW I got 3 more years until it's sittin' in the boat time. I'm not sure about T-bird crappie, I ...
by Big Bass Boss over 47 months ago

Keystone 03/14/2016
with a little help from my friends
by OKWillie over 48 months ago
I'm available almost anytime. Just let me know...
by R.W. over 47 months ago

lmb spawn
it is on here in the north central
by OKWillie over 47 months ago
I have been fishing small lakes and pond for lmb, the spawn is on here north of OKC, caught a lot of males the last couple weeks a ...
by OKWillie over 47 months ago

oologah crappie 2/11
by Bigcatdaddy over 49 months ago
fished the south end of the lake fishing brush piles 10-25 ft deep caught 2 fish all afternoon it was slow. there were some kids o ...
by Bigcatdaddy over 49 months ago

Sooner 2/6/2016
by Walleye Dan over 49 months ago
Thank you for your report, nice bass, good color. Too windy for me yesterday.
by OKWillie over 49 months ago

Keystone Blues Feb. 6th
Better than I expected....
by StriperEd over 49 months ago
Glad to see you and R had a good time, looks like you got on the cats pretty well. It can be lots of fun. Nice job on the switch ...
by Briars over 49 months ago

Sooner 1-16-2016
by Walleye Dan over 50 months ago
Great report!  Really good to hear the water doesn't need to be in the 50's to catch them!  Good on ya'!
by Fish Whisperer over 50 months ago

Trophy Blue Catfish - Oologah Lake 1/17/16
by Lances Guide Service over 50 months ago
Way to go Lance!  Looking forward to March.
by Fish Whisperer over 50 months ago

Spoonbill Paddlefish - Grand Lake 1/16/16
by Lances Guide Service over 50 months ago
Spoonbill Paddlefish at Grand Lake in Oklahoma We had a wonderful morning on Grand Lake in Oklahoma snagging spoonbill paddlefis ...
by Lances Guide Service over 50 months ago

Sooner - 01-11-2016
by OKWillie over 50 months ago
Was there yesterday, caught a saugeye and a lmb in the first ten minutes. Then not a bite one for four hours. A few other people s ...
by Jon over 50 months ago

Sooner - 1/6/2016
Nobody home
by bassman92681 over 50 months ago
I was in the warm water channel. We looked around for awhile didn't see much at all. Did not try shallow. We ended up anchoring up ...
by Dave Clark over 50 months ago

Sooner - 01-01-2016
Happy New Year
by OKWillie over 50 months ago
Thanks Dave, Thanks Robin, that was a good workout to start a great year, I didn't catch any Saugeye, I try to slow roll for them, ...
by OKWillie over 50 months ago

Looking for some new action
by jgod over 50 months ago
Welcome back.  Things do get slow around here this time of year.  Wish I could be helpful but haven't fished Overholser in 20 plus ...
by falcon over 50 months ago

Kaw Dam
by Gonefishin78 over 151 months ago
Have someone call 580-765-9573. It goes to a recording that tells when they are generating. Hope this helps you
by Moody over 51 months ago

Oologah 12-12-15
Decent blue catfish bite and poor crappie bite
by Lances Guide Service over 51 months ago
Walleye,  What walleye. I've never hooked one there
by fishdude over 51 months ago

Sooner - Weekend 24th and 25th
NEVER had THIS happen before!
by Fish Whisperer over 53 months ago
Thanks guys!  I enjoy the ADVENTURES!  Will try to post a little more often.
by Fish Whisperer over 51 months ago

Sooner 12/6
by StriperEd over 51 months ago
I was kinda afraid of that judging by it was not on a major river channel. Thanks for the reply though, good luck this winter!
by Briars over 51 months ago

Sooner 12-07-2015 afternoon
by OKWillie over 51 months ago
On Tuesday Dec 8, 2015 at 4:24 PM OKWillie said ... we even went out on the rough cold side to poach on Robin's catfish but we we ...
by Fish Whisperer over 51 months ago

Lake Texoma
Post Flood
by crosswinds over 51 months ago
A tough year it has been. Most likely the toughest fishing I have ever seen over a prolonged time period. Ever. Anywhere. Even the ...
by crosswinds over 51 months ago

Sooner discharge - Thanksgiving morning
windy with forecast for rain
by OKWillie over 52 months ago
Aw dang  I bet the buffalo had your heart pounding though!  A 10+ pound Walleye is amazing!
by Fish Whisperer over 51 months ago

Grand Lake report
white bassin' is good
by randy hall over 52 months ago
Been a while since anyone has posted anything on Grand Lake so thought I'd post. The white bass have been excellent for the past ...
by randy hall over 52 months ago

Texoma - 11/01/15
by OKWillie over 52 months ago
I usually fish Texoma during October and into November, but my Texoma local friends have not been having much luck with the Stripe ...
by Goober over 52 months ago

Cimmaron Sandies
Internet scouting and a few hints paid off
by Dom Pellegrino over 53 months ago
You are welcome always willing to help out privately.
by Tony_Hughes over 53 months ago

Sooner Lake on 10/21
by J.C. over 53 months ago
Thanks for THAT report!!
by Fish Whisperer over 53 months ago

Catfish, Hybrids and White Perch
by Tony_Hughes over 53 months ago
What was on the menu yesterday. Fished several spots lots of fish hanging on 66' deep flats, found quite a few willing hybrids, ca ...
by Tony_Hughes over 53 months ago

Broken Bow
by R.W. over 53 months ago
On Thursday Oct 22, 2015 at 8:15 PM R.W. said ... I think that we will have fish for dinner on Saturday.  So, ideas about trout ...
by Fish Whisperer over 53 months ago

Oologah, Carl Blackwell, Hudson and Grand Lake
Crappie, White Bass/Hybrids, Blue Catfish
by Lances Guide Service over 53 months ago
Lance, I guess you were able to avoid the sneaky spots on Hudson. It can bite a newcomer. Great report. If you ever come back and ...
by Fishin over 53 months ago

Sooner 10-5
fish are backward
by OKWillie over 53 months ago
Hats off to you Willie, that's good fishery management!  12 inch white perch, there's some forage in that lake, getting them that ...
by Tom Henley over 53 months ago

Sooner looking good
by Tony_Hughes over 53 months ago
Fished Sunday evening  - hybrids were shallow (6-10') pushing shad schools against moss lines, at just about every stop observed B ...
by Tony_Hughes over 53 months ago

Sooner 9-20-15
by Dave_Naasz over 54 months ago
Good eye RW.  I forgot it that day!  I try not to leave home without it!
by Fish Whisperer over 53 months ago

Crappie Fishing Ft. Gibson
Catching Crappie under Tough Conditions
by Jstfish over 53 months ago
Jstfish Outdoors catching Crappie on Ft. Gibson and throwing out some helpful tips along the way. ...
by Jstfish over 53 months ago

River report for SW Missouri
by Beagler over 54 months ago
Floated a 4mi section of river today in SW MO with my dad. It was his 75th B-day so I decided to take him on a fishin-float trip s ...
by Beagler over 54 months ago

Baron Fork Creek 9/14/15
largemouth and smallmouth galore
by Chris Johnson over 54 months ago
I think I flunked out of college twice on that creek. Used to buy a .99 blow up raft or get an old inner tube and float from Welli ...
by boatracer242 over 54 months ago

Keystone 15-Sep-15
by TallManDan over 54 months ago
Thanks for the report.  This is the time when those Keystone sandies like the rocks!
by trickworm over 54 months ago

Fishing in the TIMBER!
Ouachita - Sunday August 30th
by Fish Whisperer over 55 months ago
I heard Beaver was pretty tough Labor Day weekend.  Hope ya'll did good RW!!  Drive a couple hours more and check out Ouachita!  I ...
by Fish Whisperer over 54 months ago

Grand Lake 9/5/15
Teaching Trip for Blue Catfish
by Lances Guide Service over 54 months ago
I took two new customers, Brandon and Donnie, on a teaching trip at Grand Lake for blue catfish.  We started out learning the patt ...
by Lances Guide Service over 54 months ago

Sooner 8-30-2015
by Walleye Dan over 55 months ago
Very nice!  Maybe I had better start chasing those perch!
by TMJ over 54 months ago

Oologah Catfish 9/1/15
by Lances Guide Service over 54 months ago
Thank you for the report, it sure is good to see a guide posting.
by OKWillie over 54 months ago

Grand Lake Catfish 8/29/15
by Lances Guide Service over 54 months ago
My college roommate and his wife came up to the cabin to help me cut a few trees down.  We go that done and had a few hours of day ...
by Lances Guide Service over 54 months ago

Skiatook 8.17
by ryan darrow over 55 months ago
Didn't pull out of the driveway til 5:30 last night. Managed 11 smallies and 17 sandies before dark. I only saw one other person f ...
by ryan darrow over 54 months ago

Grand Lake Crappie - 8/25/15
by fishdude over 55 months ago
Okey dokey.  Holla when you're ready!
by Fish Whisperer over 54 months ago

Grand Lake
Dragging for Catfish
by Lances Guide Service over 55 months ago
I ran two catfish trips this weekend. We had a rain delay and dodged storms, but the temperature was awesome for August and the fi ...
by Lances Guide Service over 55 months ago

Konawa 8-16-2015
by Walleye Dan over 55 months ago
I have been fishing Konawa for less than a year, moved to OKC last June.  I generally fish plastics and spinners to target the bas ...
by Walleye Dan over 55 months ago

Mojikit Lake - Just North of OKC
Mojikit Lake - Just North of OKC
by Walleye Dan over 55 months ago
Very nice, good times and good memories for father and son, like that jacket on fishing in August. We use to go to sportsman's lod ...
by OKWillie over 55 months ago

Fishing - August 5, 2015
50 - 60 mi west of the city of ......
by OKWillie over 55 months ago
Wow!  Way to go Willie!  I didn't realize it was that big.  It was a really pretty fish!  I bet the one that spooled you really go ...
by Fish Whisperer over 55 months ago

Sooner 8/15/2015
by OKWillie over 55 months ago
Fishdude, I E mailed april 22nd from my e mail to must have went to the spam folder I imagine you've got you ...
by StriperEd over 55 months ago

Keystone Saturday July 25
by S. Rod over 56 months ago
Sweet report and you've got a cool fishin partner there.
by TallManDan over 55 months ago

Sooner July 25
by OKWillie over 56 months ago
"You told me last week if was too hot to fish" And it still IS...  ?
by R.W. over 56 months ago

Lake approx 27 miles W of Tulsa - Sat and Sun
by Fish Whisperer over 56 months ago
On Wednesday Jul 22, 2015 at 10:00 PM AllenOK said ... So, the question remains.  Robin, what did you think of the fight that Gar ...
by Fish Whisperer over 56 months ago

Lake Hefner 7/19
by OKWillie over 56 months ago
Way to keep after it till you figured out what they wanted!!  Every now and then, it's so frustrating, knowing they're down there, ...
by Fish Whisperer over 56 months ago

Hefner 6/29/2015 to 7/2/2015
by Walleye Dan over 56 months ago
Just check the regulation change, limit went down to 14" min, it remain at 18" min. on Sooner.
by OKWillie over 56 months ago

by Dave_Naasz over 56 months ago
For me it's Catch & Keep (unless under 3 lbs and in excellent condition).  If we limit out, switch species till end of trip, but i ...
by Hawker over 56 months ago

Keystone, July 9th
Stripers be a jumpin'
by TallManDan over 56 months ago
Good job guys! You must have been on far end of lakes with No trees:-)
by StriperEd over 56 months ago

keystone been slow
by justin over 56 months ago
Those stripers do seem like nomads, always moving from deep then shallow! So hard to find sometimes! I started using periscope and ...
by Cash460 over 56 months ago

Sooner Round Two
by OKWillie over 56 months ago
Monday July 6, on the water 6:15 a.m., waited by the dock for my friend to come, check out the humps, no fish.  Find fish on ledge ...
by OKWillie over 56 months ago

Keystone has been a delight (July 4th week)
by TallManDan over 56 months ago
Niiiiice!  Glad ya'll got on 'em!  Just goes to show ya' , perseverance pays off!!  Way to go!
by Fish Whisperer over 56 months ago

Sooner July 4th
by OKWillie over 56 months ago
Robin, its a good plan
by OKWillie over 56 months ago

thank you and not thank you
by justin over 57 months ago
Great report Justin!!!!  Can't wait to see another, I'm very hungry and like to eat and eat and eat lol.  I have fished tall rocky ...
by Fish Whisperer over 56 months ago

Sooner 6/27/2015
Sooner Lake
by Walleye Dan over 57 months ago
Walleye Dan, great post man. Thats a nice LMB you got there. Heard some good reports from a few diff ppl on LMB lately. How did ...
by Lone Shark over 57 months ago

BLEEP and BLEEP Sat and Sun June 27th and 28th
by Fish Whisperer over 57 months ago
On Tuesday Jun 30, 2015 at 11:04 AM Tyler.Williams said ... At the 17-sec mark there is what appears to be a shad on the surface ...
by Fish Whisperer over 57 months ago

Screamin drags this afternoon
by Tony_Hughes over 57 months ago
Nice fish and the quality of the photos is wonderful.  It is a shame you have to mess them up with the whiteout!
by TMJ over 57 months ago

Channel cat caught on stink bait. GoPro
by willcfish over 57 months ago
Nice catfish caught on stinkbait.  They will hit very aggressively right up to spawn and then again a couple weeks after.  They ...
by willcfish over 57 months ago

by Dado over 57 months ago
So I haven't fished in a while, had internship training in Chicago for a week and I was in California for a wedding. While in Cali ...
by Dado over 57 months ago

Skiatook Lake Help
by ko4nrbs over 57 months ago
Interesting read, this....I've mentioned to a couple of buds that I used to fish Skiatook and have been asked why I quit. Now I re ...
by Ol Slick over 57 months ago

Pond fishing
by OKWillie over 57 months ago
Cool! Looks like a fun time was had
by Cash460 over 57 months ago

Perch for Hybrids
by ko4nrbs over 57 months ago
And they live longer in a bait tank, easier to take care of.  Easier to catch, as well.  Just promise the neighbor kids some ice c ...
by AllenOK over 57 months ago

Skiatook - last 7 days - wonderful
by TallManDan over 58 months ago
Very nice. Great Job Dan.  That is one thing I need to work on is taking others fishing.  Too often it is just me and my long time ...
by Tyler.Williams over 58 months ago

Bixhoma 5/27 and Dripping Springs
good up in the creek
by Chris Johnson over 58 months ago
Had some luck along the dam in the weeds on Bixhoma on Tuesday.  Nothing huge but healthy and biting.  Used watermelon rind worms.
by rjfren over 58 months ago

Skiatook on 5/27
Fish are still biting.
by J.C. over 58 months ago
thanks again for the heads up on the spots and the cut bait. we never caught a fish at the last place u showed us(I guess we weren ...
by danceswithgars over 58 months ago

Kaw Lake
May 22-25
by 8LB over 58 months ago
As of Monday all were closed except the narrow ramp at Pioneer.
by cbeam over 58 months ago

Somebody fishing?
by fishdude over 58 months ago
I took my kayak out on Shell Creek Lake Monday.  The lake is up to normal pool, water going over the spillway (not much).  Headed ...
by AllenOK over 58 months ago

Skiatook on 5/17
Great trip
by J.C. over 58 months ago
On Tuesday May 19, 2015 at 1:53 PM J.C. said ... Nice catch!!  Live shad or cut shad?  So far I have only managed up to 6.5 lbrs. ...
by StriperEd over 58 months ago

5-16 Carl Blackwell
Lesson on staying versatile
by Tyler.Williams over 58 months ago
Go get some of those cheap copper bells that clip onto your poles.  Most folks use them for catfishing.  Clip them on, and when a ...
by AllenOK over 58 months ago
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